Wednesday, June 2, 2010


At the end of my junior year of high school, a pixie-ish blonde from the Midwest named Leanne transferred to my high school. She was outgoing, funny and had the cutest little accent - a sprightly drawl that betrayed her intellect and artistic prowess. Her freckled cheeks were always poised on top of a welcoming smile and accompanied by a sly wink.

Leanne and I became fast friends, hanging out in local coffee shops, sharing our bad poetry (okay, being the daughter of one of the lesser known beat poets, hers was actually pretty good) and trolling record shops together. So, it seemed pretty natural when we shared a kiss, started dating, and even when she shared her virginity with me within a few weeks of meeting. And while that is a story in and of itself, it’s not what I wanted to recall with this post. No, I wanted to recount (and in so doing, re-live) the first time Leanne (or any woman, for that matter) swallowed a load of my cum.

I wasn’t a virgin when I met Leanne; I had a steady girlfriend, Janine, during my sophomore year, with whom I had first done the "dirty deed”. Janine, a taller brunette with gorgeous blue eyes (they still mesmerize me when I see her every few years) and luscious curves, was willing to put in her time, occasionally running her tongue around the swollen head of my cock… a couple times even sliding her mouth up and down the length of my cock before letting me fuck her. But it was clear that she wasn’t really into it… she was just reciprocating for the lengthy tongue-lashings I had given her (gladly). But when pressed for a proper blowjob, Janine always begged off, citing her TMJ.

But Leanne was different, she seemed interested, but a little afraid… and I didn’t press her. I loved licking her, lapping at her pert nipples and the way her tight little pussy gripped me (we were young and dumb, but damn did it feel good when she rode me bareback). And I was as perfectly content... as any 17 yo boy who was routinely getting laid by a cute, smart, funny 16 yo girl could be. But Leanne wanted to try… often giving it a thought… once giving it a few licks on a neighborhood playground slide in the middle of the night, another time taking the first two or three inches into her mouth in the front seat of my car outside her house. But she quickly retreated each time, afraid of taking the whole thing and gagging (I think her older sister had told her a few horror stories that stuck with her).

But the weekend before we returned for school, everything changed. Leanne and I joined a few friends for a bonfire on the beach... an end of summer blowout. It was pure Bacchinalian revelry (on a high school scale) and a few hours and drinks later, we were sober enough to drive home. Cutting through a then undeveloped back road which had only recently been graded for the coming onslaught of industrial parks and tract homes, we pulled off to admire a little oasis. On the side of the road, lay what must have been a mandated greenbelt… the sort of concession big corporations make in exchange for tilling miles and miles of previously undisturbed land. But this one was unique. It contained a waterfall, a good-sized pond and was ringed by what looked like willow trees.

Realizing this was our last weekend of freedom and wanting to milk every last second out of it, we pulled over, pulled out our beach blanket and decided to listen to the roar of the water cascading over the rocks while doing a little star gazing. We lie there, content… staring up at a full, clear sky. She put her head on my chest and played with the little wisps of her blonde hair while we discussed our schedules for the upcoming year. And, we enjoyed the silence.

I continued to play with her hair as she ran her hand across my stomach, slowly moving further and further south with each stroke… until her had was stroking my quickly growing cock through my cargo shorts. I gasped a little when she slid her hand inside my shorts and gave a firm tug on my cock, excited by the prospect of having her ride me out here… on the side of a relatively deserted, but nonetheless public road. I closed my eyes, enjoying her touch, and lifted my hips, allowing her to push my shorts down over my hips. The summer air was still warm, but it was a cool crisp breeze I felt on my cock as she slid down, her head now laying on my stomach and she closely watched my cock while stroking it. I returned the favor, quickly sliding my hand down the small of her back and over he skirt, which I then pulled up over her hips. I plunged my hand down the back of her panties, stopping briefly over her little asshole, but quickly moving on, and into, her tiny damp slit. She moaned. I teased the tip of my finger between her lips as I felt her hot breath on my cock, which stiffened even more (if that was possible).

I was all ready for Leanne to roll over, pull her panties to the side and mount me, the way she knew I loved to fuck her, but instead I felt the warm grip of her mouth slide over the head of my cock. I was shocked… and my heart raced even faster than before. And just as quickly as she had taken me in her mouth, she took me out… much as I had anticipated… and I tried to roll her over on me, but she resisted.

Instead, Leanne ran her tongue in circles around the tip as she lightly wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and stroked it. This was certainly more oral play that I was used to receiving from her and I loved it! So, you can imagine my surprise when she lifted her head for a brief second, looked at me with a sly grin, and then resumed… sliding her mouth all the way down to the base.

Shielded by the row of willows, a car drove past just as I thrust my hips skyward, instinctively wanting to bury my cock in her mouth. And I did! And I knew it instantly as Leanne let out a gasp and made a gagging sound. I immediately attempted to straighten up and apologize. But before I could say or do any thing, she put her mouth back around me and reached back for my hand, which she then lead to the back of her head. I stammered a response, asking if she was serious and she managed an “mmhmm” with her mouth full of my cock. And that was all I needed…

I tangled my fingers up in Leanne’s hair and felt her slowly bob up and down on my shaft. She kept up that languid, torturous pace for a minute or two before I started to guide her… first, lifting my hips up to her mouth to match her strokes and eventually pushing her mouth down and lifting it up at the pace that I desired.

Leanne was a real trooper, purring and cooing as I fucked her mouth. And I was so emboldened by the experience, my hand on the back of her head, using her mouth as my lil fucktoy, that I slid my hand back down inside her panties and into her now dripping pussy. She squirmed in delight and began sucking my cock faster, with no help from me.

And that was just about it…. I pulled my sopping wet finger from her lil cunny and slid it about two inches deep into her ass. And there, in the open air, in the middle of the night, with the occasional car obliviously passing by, a sky full of stars, my middle finger up this little hottie’s ass and my cock buried in her mouth, I started REALLY fucking her mouth for everything it was worth… perhaps a little too roughly, but she didn’t complain… and it only took 90 seconds of loud, slopping mouth fucking before I let loose… a thick, hot torrent of cum deep in the back of Leanne’s mouth. She gagged a little at first, but quickly recovered… and swallowed… a sensation that inspired me to unload again… and a third time… Leanne gulping down everything I had to offer.

Mmm… easily one of the two or three best fuck buddies I’ve had in my life (and one I kept well in my 20’s, until we moved across country from one another). And, yes, I still talk to Leanne… still flirt with her incessantly and occasionally think about what it’d be like to bury my cock deep in her throat one more time. Perhaps… only time will tell. But I do know that ever since that night I’ve had an obsession with the girls who give sloppy, wet blowjobs…. The women who let me use their mouth to pleasure myself and who drink down every last drop of my cum… and thank me for it!