Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Dammitall! Saw a picture earlier today that reminded me of a reunion I had with a college girlfriend that was both unsatisfying and capable of burning a spot in my memory as one of the greatest teases of my young life (I was only 21 at the time). Unfortunately, I can’t find the pic, but will post it when I do. In the meantime, enjoy the story.

Looking back, I don’t know what the hell I was racing toward, but I managed to push through and finish my undergraduate studies two quarters before the rest of my classmates. As an acting student, I made the logical move and stuck around in L.A., auditioning for and landing the occasional bit part in crappy ABC After School Specials and Crime Re-enactment shows… nothing to write home about.

But when June came around I was happy to return to campus to see my friends and take part in the graduation ceremonies… It was bound to be one big party! And, while I wouldn’t admit it to anyone at the time, I was eager to see Jennifer, the girl I had dated for the better part of my junior year.

Jen was a year ahead of all of us and, while not a great actress, she was beautiful and tall… six feet tall to be exact. She was too curvy to have real success as a runway model, but she was attractive enough to get print work gigs in Europe. And that was the very thing that broke us up. I had a year (or one quarter, as it turned out) of studies ahead of me and she had months of work in Europe. We had both seen the writing on the wall from a mile away and it had made from a relatively painless split (though probably easier for her than me, as she was going off to new adventures and I felt tethered to school when I was ready to move on… but I digress… back to the party).

So, I made the short trek back to campus without my new girlfriend, who had clearly expressed her discomfort in my seeing and partying with not only Jennifer, but a couple ex’s, but she was busing shooting an indie slasher film and her late night call prevented her from joining me. Still, I had reassured her that I wasn’t going back to stick my dick in anyone… just to celebrate with my college friends one last time.

The party itself didn’t disappoint. My last roommate, Charity, was the daughter of a Hollywood producer and she’d convinced her parents to give us the run of the guest house (which was bigger and had more rooms than and normal house I’d ever lived in). So, we drank, smoked a little pot and traded embarrassing stories of stupidity and revelry we had carved out together over the past 3+ years.

As the night wore on people begged off until it was down to my core friends, my two roommates from senior year (both platonic girlfriends), their boyfriends, and Jennifer, who, up until this point, I hadn’t really talked to much. But with little prodding we all quickly changed and reconvened at the Jacuzzi, enjoying another drink or three and the view of the tiny, sparkling lights in the canyon below.

With the two couples cozying up, Jen and I had a chance to catch up. I heard all about her travels across Europe and her shoots in Italy and Ireland… her short lived morning show gig in San Francisco and I tried to impress her with my tales of low level success in L.A. But before I could bury my foot too deep in my mouth, the other couples dried off and departed for their respective bedrooms.

We sat there awkwardly for a few second before Jen got up and began toweling herself off.

“I’m gonna take the room next to the kitchen, if you want to join me,” she said flatly, walking off and leaving me to look at her shapely ass as she strolled away.

I sat for a few minutes, enjoying my buzz… the view… and the thought of sleeping with Jen one more time. I also thought about my new girlfriend, Leanne, and the promise I had made to her.

Now, to be honest, Jen and I had never really had an amazing sex life. She was very attractive, but wasn’t particularly uninhibited in the bedroom. She did have a huge mane of curly reddish brown hair and huge (DD) breasts that were, frankly, too much. (I’ve always maintained that anything more than a handful is just a waste.) And, perhaps most importantly, she had an amazing pair of long legs… certainly my weakness, then and now. I know now that I was VERY into her, because I can remember fondly the smell of her sweat and the taste of the salt on her skin… the kind of thing you can only appreciate when you are completely into someone. But again, I digress…

So, after what seemed like an hour, but was probably more like three of four minutes I got up and walked through the house, across the terra cotta tiles… dripping all the way. My mind still wasn’t made up.

I grabbed my clothes and headed into the bathroom, peeling off my wet trunks and sobering up a wee bit under the blaze of the bathroom lights. I quickly threw on a pair of shorts and began buttoning up my shirt as I walked out… until I caught a glimpse of Jennifer. In the darkened room I could barely make her out by the spill of bathroom light. She was laying on the bed, face down… naked. I flipped off the bathroom light and then stood at the door… remembering.

I stood there for a minute or two, my eyes adjusting to the darkness and watching her grind her hips. Her hand was underneath her… clearly, she was playing with herself. I watched, mesmerized by the cocktail of temptation and weed. I shook myself and quickly thought better of it, but entered the room anyhow. By now my eyes were adjusting and took in the gorgeous curves of her long, long body. Her eyes were closed… her smile wide. And it widened when she heard me step inside the room.

“I was hoping you’d join me,” she drunkenly growled.

I cut her off, “No, I’m just admiring the view… told the girlfriend I wasn’t sticking my dick anywhere it didn’t belong tonight!”

Without opening her eyes, her mouth pursed into a disapproving frown. “Your loss!”

I stood there and took in the show, again, for what seemed like hours, until she chided me… “If you’re just gonna watch, take a seat… enjoy the show!”

I crossed to the bed and then away, opening the curtains and letting the moonlight spill across her body. I returned to gently sat on the foot of the bed, her feet pointed toward either corner. While we had been together for about 9 months and had fucked and sucked countless times, I had never watched her masturbate. But with several drinks in her, she wasn’t feeling any inhibitions… and I was loving it!

Jen slowly rubbed at her clit, then slid a finger inside herself, her free hand sliding under her body to take the position of the first on her clit. The sight was amazing! I watched intently, slowly scooting closer and closer until my hand was on the back of her thigh. She twitched at my touch and quickly removed her hands. Embarrassed, I pulled my hand away until she slid her hand back across her stomach and between her legs… ass tilting up and her fingers splaying her lips for my benefit. My hand quickly returned to her thigh, running up and down her legs until my hand was just under the curve of her ass.

“You sure?” she purred. “I’m won’t tell anyone you took advantage of me… I won’t tell anyone anything, “ she teased.

I didn’t say anything. Just kept caressing her leg.

“Alright, well… I admire your integrity, but know… you’re free to join me”

That wasn’t a bad idea. Before she uttered another word, I began tearing off my shorts and wrapping my hand around my cock. One hand working the back of her thigh, the other working myself over.

In perhaps a final attempt to persuade me, Jen rolled onto her back and spread her legs… looking down the length of the bed at me… her eyes making contact first with mine, then gazing down to the sight of me stroking my cock, now faster and faster.

I had forgotten that she just trimmed up underneath, her lips neatly exposed, but leaving a good, thick patch of hair above. My eyes trained up and down her body as she continued to rub her clit in tiny circles, her eyes locked on mine. I climbed closer, kneeling between her legs until my knees were caressing the back of her thighs, her calves thrown over mine.

I was poised to slide my cock inside her, but didn’t want to, both because of the promise I had made and because I was enjoying the tension of NOT fucking her. So, when she reached out for me cock, I brushed her hand away, grabbed her wrist and guided her hand back to her eager pussy. Jen grinned a sly grin, then buried her finger deep inside herself and slowly pulling it out.

Everything continued to seem like it was in slow motion. I remember how her finger glistened in the moonlight… how her huge breasts seemed to slide off her chest and undulated slowly in time to her hips gyrations, her nipples stiff and pointing up like a couple bullets. I remember how she her gaze never left mine, even as my eyes searched her body, until the moment overtook me and I let loose… a thick torrent that shot across her body, painting her stomach and tits in little pools of cum. Jennifer closed her eyes, enjoyed the feeling of me spraying cum across her and sped up her gyrations until she reached her own climax, the sight of which coaxed a second round out of me, this time my pearly jizz dribbled across the thatch of reddish brown hair between her legs and down onto her freshly shaved lips.

I collapsed. I was stoned out of my mind, still incredibly turned on by NOT fucking her and a little proud of myself for finding a way to get off with her without, technically, breaking my promise. And as I lay there, trying to catch my breath, Jen got up and headed to the bathroom. The last thing I remember that night was the sound of her turning on the shower for a quick rinse off shower…

When I woke up, our host knocking on the door and finding us naked and curled up together, we were both a bit unsure how to act. At breakfast, everyone acted as though nothing had happened. We had a few more laughs, attempted to sober up with a couple pots of coffee, got into our respective cars and drove away. Didn’t talk again for years… until a few months back, when she sent me Facebook friend request with the simple note:

“Damn you for being so technical!”